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Wilt Chamberlain


Broadcaster Bill Campbell's passing the end of an era in Philadelphia Sportscasting

It was the summer of 1997, and my 81-year old grandfather was going into the hospital for heart bypass surgery.

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Donovan McNabb's GQ Interview tells us what we already knew about him and the National Media

Donovan McNabb has been many things in Philadelphia. He's statistically the best quarterback in Eagles franchise history. He's also their winningest quarterback with 73 regular season wins.

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Top Five Philadelphia Athletes traded away in their prime

In a town known for sometimes holding on to their star athletes for too long, there have also been occurrences when Philadelphia sports teams part company with players when their value is quite high. Some trades were completely unexpected. Some were long overdue, and some were simply a matter of time before they actually happened. Off the top of my head, no Flyers or Eagles really came to mind. So feel free to debate, and in the meantime, stay inside!! 5. Moses Malone

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