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Too bad Charlie Sheen can’t turn his own ‘Tin Cans’ into Gold

In a nutshell, Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” Tour is pretty much tanking.

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Charlie Sheen Officially Fired from ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Guess he’s no longer ‘Winning’

In what isn’t exactly a complete surprise, the suits at CBS have officially fired Charlie Sheen from ‘Two and a Half Men.’   If Sheen didn’t think CBS would make such a drastic decision, he was sadly mistaken.

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Charlie Sheen's Webcast is like a train wreck: You just HAVE to watch it

Charlie Sheen's first webcast Saturday night attracted over 100,000 people. At this stage, Sheen knows that people will cling to every word he says. And judging by the number of people who have tuned in, he probably feels like a genius right about now.

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