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XBOX 360


Google Pac-Man Game and 30th Anniversary Revitalize Pac-Man Franchise

Google has done it again.  This time they made Pac-Man relevant again by turning their logo into an interactive Pac-Man game on Friday and Saturday.

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Happy 30th Anniversary Pac-Man!

It's hard to believe, but it was 30 years ago this weekend  that Pac-Man  was introduced to the video game world.

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Play2 breaks new ground for Pete Ciarrocchi from Chickie's and Pete's

So there I am, covering Preston and Steve's 2010 Totally Office Calendar  Release Party at Chickie's and Pete's  on Packer Avenue Friday night. I'm then approached by Chickie's manager Bob Morrison, who motions me to come to the back of the bar. Since he was standing next to an old storage room, I wasn't really sure what he wanted to show me back there.

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